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“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” ~Brian Tracy


13 ways to improve memory

You forgot the Name of your client? You need to remember where you parked your car?

This file will provide you with 13 suggestions to improve your memory. To organize your mind.

This lesson will have a profound  effect, turning you into a  successful person, who knows to keep things in mind.

Who knows to remember.

Our price: $19.90 (€18.31)
anxiety control

Anxiety control.

As a result of this file, you will no longer suffer from any anxiety. You will be in control of yourself, at all times.

Our price: $19.95 (€18.35)
Avoid panic attacks

These instructions will help you at the onset of panic attacks. They will help you to avoid feeling uncomfortable,  providing an alternative to the panic, and fear of the past..Fear seems to happen when there is seemingly nothing to fear.

With a simple technique, we will stop this happen.

The duration of this file is 42 minutes. It includes brainwaves and soft background music.

Our price: $14.95 (€13.75)
change your mind

Change your mind and you will change your destiny.

This file will  plant seeds of  wealth, prosperity, and success deep into your mind. You will always know how to act. You will know how to do the right things in the right way. 

Everyone should listen to it.

This file will change your system of beliefs. You will think and  feel positive. And this change will start to grow when you listen to it for the first time.

The duration of this file is 39:45 minutes. It includes brainwaves and soft background music.

Our price: $14.95 (€13.75)

Overcome Insomnia. You are suffering from insomnia ? You want to get a full nights sleep? awaken in the morning, feeling completely refreshed, being full of energy? This file will lead you into an exercise that will take you into a deep and relaxed sleep. The best place to listen will be your bed. Please note ! while listening to this recording, you should not drive a car or operate any machinery. , Make sure you are not going to be disturbed.

Our price: $14.95 (€13.75)
Just relax

Just relax. Having stress at work, not feeling comfortable, you want to relax coming at home from work, use a short break to come down? This file will help you to become more relaxed. Listen to this file, come down and relax for a moment. Every day at any time.

The duration of this file is 10:38 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects.

Our price: $4.95 (€4.55)
Magnet for Money
The law of life is the law of belief.
and you believe in the power of your subconscious mind to cause you to succeed. 
You are now aware of opportunities around you, and you are always able to take advantage of them.
You are successful. 
Money is always circulating in your life. You release it with joy, and it returns to you multiplied in a wonderful way.

Our price: $14.95 (€13.75)
Memory recall

You may have noticed before when you forgot something, and needed to remember it immediately.

The more  you forced it, the more difficult it was to retrieve. Learn to organize your mind.

Be able to remember as many things as you desire.

From now on, each and everything that is important for you to remember, you do with complete ease.

Everything you need to know is committed to your memory. You are able to retrieve it spontaneously as the situation demands.

All information that you have ever seen, heard or felt is stored in your subconscious mind.

And it is available to you.  Whenever you want. Learn to use it!

The duration of this file is 19:38 min. It contains soft backround music, sound effects and brainwaves.

Our price: $15.50 (€14.26)
No fear of failure

No fear of failure. You want to stop being afraid of failure. This fear will be gone soon. It will be replaced with expectations. Expecting to be successful. Expecting to accomplish, whatever you put your mind on. You will be in control in all that you do. You believe in yourself, and in your abilities.

The duration of this file is 19:47 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects.

Our price: $11.90 (€10.95)
No more fear no more pain

All the colors of your rainbow combined will give you a new healthy way of life.

Whenever you are feeling out of sorts, due to any pain symptoms, just think of this rainbow.

It will heal you. Give you a quality of life, that is worth

living. Picture this rainbow in your mind. You will be able to recall it as needed.

It will always be in your mind. This glowing warmth of colors, that energize and heal.

Our price: $19.95 (€18.35)
positive body image

Positive body image.

From now, on starting this very moment, you have a positive image of your body.

Looking at your body in a positive manner will help you to feel good about yourself. You will continue to progress towards the body image that you really want.

The duration of this file is 19:34 minutes.It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects.


Our price: $11.90 (€10.95)
Strength and peace

Strength and peace. Listening to this file you become more at peace with yourself. More at peace with others. Becomming strong and standing tall. Be positive, feel positive, act positive.

The duration of this file is 18:51 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects.

Our price: $9.95 (€9.15)
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