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13 ways to improve memory

You forgot the Name of your client? You need to remember where you parked your car?

This file will provide you with 13 suggestions to improve your memory. To organize your mind.

This lesson will have a profound  effect, turning you into a  successful person, who knows to keep things in mind.

Who knows to remember.

Our price: $19.90 (€18.31)
6 rules to approach women

A typical situation you might have experienced before.

You meet somebody, at any place, like a bar or even a supermarket. The conversation starts off well, she seems to be interested.

You take the typical first step, asking her where she works, where she’s from.

Just when you’re starting to feel confident, she begins looking around, and stops contributing to the conversation.

You quickly steer the discussion to a new topic, hoping that it will end the uncomfortable silence that seems to be growing.

As a result, she excuses herself to go somewhere, and never returns.

This file will help you to avoid this to happen. Listen to me, learn how to attract women, and keep a conversation alive.


Our price: $34.90 (€32.11)
Assertiveness training

You are a natural born leader, and people love to follow you, people love to be around you, and they love to hear your ideas. you are the one, the one who can take control, you are a leader, and the people you guide, will trust you, they can trust you, because you will always be fair.

Our price: $19.00 (€17.48)
be dominant - be successful

Become the person to be respected, and obeyed. Discover this dominant person that lives inside you. A strong personality and a strong will.

You are the authority! The person to be respected, obeyed, and served.

Take it out to the surface!

People will feel, and people will see. Women will feel, and love you for it.

You want this master that lives inside you, that authority, that lives in you to come out.

The duration of this file is 43:38 min. It includes soft backround music, sound effects and brainwaves.

Our price: $39.95 (€36.75)
become a better musician

Become a better musician You will start to develop a series of skills to improve your musicianship. You will feel these skills improving on a daily basis, and will keep improving on an endless basis. First, you will notice your hearing will improve. You will be able to hear even the slightest detail, even with low volume. Every detail of the music, every note played, every sound, every word sung. You will be able to identify each and every note. Every instrument will be as clear as if it would be the only instrument played, you will be able to concentrate on each and every instrument. Later on you will be able to play that music immediately. Oh, and as the other files, i do it my way. So, be prepared to get a little bit aroused. Have fun!

Our price: $10.00 (€9.20)
change your mind

Change your mind and you will change your destiny.

This file will  plant seeds of  wealth, prosperity, and success deep into your mind. You will always know how to act. You will know how to do the right things in the right way. 

Everyone should listen to it.

This file will change your system of beliefs. You will think and  feel positive. And this change will start to grow when you listen to it for the first time.

The duration of this file is 39:45 minutes. It includes brainwaves and soft background music.

Our price: $14.95 (€13.75)
Courage for success

Courage for success.

Tasks of all sorts, once difficult for you, will be effortless. All you need will come to you easily. Cross the bridge to become successful.

The duration of this file is 21:54 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects.

Our price: $11.90 (€10.95)
Improving golf
From now on, you are more relaxed, and more focused on your game than you have ever been before.
You are able to concentrate on each shot, and you ignore any distractions.
On your next shot, you will focus only on the ball, you will become one with the ball. you will feel it, the weight and the texture.
Visualize yourself making the ball go exactly where you want it.

Our price: $19.00 (€17.48)
Interacting with others

Interacting with others. Control your anxiety to interact with other people. You want to start being more sociable with people. You will make a lot of friends that will be able to help you later in life. The more people you know, the more successful you`ll become. Begin now making more friends.

The duration of this file is 19:31 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects.

Our price: $9.90 (€9.11)
Memory recall

You may have noticed before when you forgot something, and needed to remember it immediately.

The more  you forced it, the more difficult it was to retrieve. Learn to organize your mind.

Be able to remember as many things as you desire.

From now on, each and everything that is important for you to remember, you do with complete ease.

Everything you need to know is committed to your memory. You are able to retrieve it spontaneously as the situation demands.

All information that you have ever seen, heard or felt is stored in your subconscious mind.

And it is available to you.  Whenever you want. Learn to use it!

The duration of this file is 19:38 min. It contains soft backround music, sound effects and brainwaves.

Our price: $15.50 (€14.26)
New people new opportunities

New people new opportunities Fear of people will disappear. Your anxiety will disappear. New people bring new opportunities to meet more people, Have more friends, Meet more business contacts, Bring success into your live. The possibilities are limitless.

The duration of this file is 21:21 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects.

Our price: $9.95 (€9.15)
public speaking

Public speaking. You want to be an effective and successful public speaker. Be able to deliver the information you wish to communicate. Your audience will love your clear and interesting way to show your Information. Listening to you will become a very enjoyable experience for others.

The duration of this file is 22:00 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects

Our price: $12.95 (€11.91)
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