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13 ways to improve memory

You forgot the Name of your client? You need to remember where you parked your car?

This file will provide you with 13 suggestions to improve your memory. To organize your mind.

This lesson will have a profound  effect, turning you into a  successful person, who knows to keep things in mind.

Who knows to remember.

Our price: $19.90 (€18.31)
8 signs that she is interested

It is difficult to figure out how a woman really feels. Impossible to know what’s inside her mind.

I will provide you with 8 signs to make sure that she’s really interested in you!

You will learn how to approach a woman, understand the signs when  she likes you.

This will help you to get your dream woman, and conquer her heart.

Our price: $28.90 (€26.59)
Assertiveness training

You are a natural born leader, and people love to follow you, people love to be around you, and they love to hear your ideas. you are the one, the one who can take control, you are a leader, and the people you guide, will trust you, they can trust you, because you will always be fair.

Our price: $19.00 (€17.48)
Avoid panic attacks

These instructions will help you at the onset of panic attacks. They will help you to avoid feeling uncomfortable,  providing an alternative to the panic, and fear of the past..Fear seems to happen when there is seemingly nothing to fear.

With a simple technique, we will stop this happen.

The duration of this file is 42 minutes. It includes brainwaves and soft background music.

Our price: $14.95 (€13.75)
be dominant - be successful

Become the person to be respected, and obeyed. Discover this dominant person that lives inside you. A strong personality and a strong will.

You are the authority! The person to be respected, obeyed, and served.

Take it out to the surface!

People will feel, and people will see. Women will feel, and love you for it.

You want this master that lives inside you, that authority, that lives in you to come out.

The duration of this file is 43:38 min. It includes soft backround music, sound effects and brainwaves.

Our price: $39.95 (€36.75)
change your mind

Change your mind and you will change your destiny.

This file will  plant seeds of  wealth, prosperity, and success deep into your mind. You will always know how to act. You will know how to do the right things in the right way. 

Everyone should listen to it.

This file will change your system of beliefs. You will think and  feel positive. And this change will start to grow when you listen to it for the first time.

The duration of this file is 39:45 minutes. It includes brainwaves and soft background music.

Our price: $14.95 (€13.75)
confidence and ego strength

This file will help you to remember with pride the many new situations that you entered, and how so many of them became experiences, in which you took great pleasure.
Remember to create an interesting and satisfying life. A successful life.
Believe in yourself  and be confident.
The duration of this file is 18:09 min. It includes soft backround music, brainwaves and sound effects.

Our price: $9.50 (€8.74)
confidence booster

Listen to this file in any place at any time to boost your confidence. In the morning, on your stereo, on our way to work, during a short break, having an important meeting or date. Direct your mind
to drift to positive, happy and constructive thoughts.

Our price: $4.50 (€4.14)
Courage for success

Courage for success.

Tasks of all sorts, once difficult for you, will be effortless. All you need will come to you easily. Cross the bridge to become successful.

The duration of this file is 21:54 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects.

Our price: $11.90 (€10.95)
exam anxiety

Eam anxiety. Your anxiety about taking tests will disappear. Fear of exams will disappear. Recall your knowledge at will. You will approach your tests in a confident, and enthusiastic manner. You will be calm, and relaxed during your tests.

The duration of this file is 18:27 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects.

Our price: $9.90 (€9.11)
Get them all - use the Pheromone booster to attract women now

This is the real deal, a kick ass, it will blow you away when you see your results and get all the women you like. This is a powerful trance that will make you a chick magnet, and it will change your natural hormone production. It will help to increase it. Your scent will be irresistible to women and girls and you will get any women cause you ooder a lot of it. Men with a highe pheromone production are automatically considered more attractive to girls and women, charismatic, powerful (even if they aren't any of those things). And, women naturally lower their defenses for men who smell "sexy", even before that man says a word, you simply get women anywhere. Your mind controls the production of ALL the chemicals that course throughout your body. On occasion, it unconsciously increases your pheromone production. Have ever had a situation, that there where more than one woman that likes you, all at the same time? It's likely your pheromone production was higher at the time. This MP3 file will increase your pheromone production permanent.

File legth: 37min

including brainwaves and background music


Our price: $49.00 (€45.08)

Overcome Insomnia. You are suffering from insomnia ? You want to get a full nights sleep? awaken in the morning, feeling completely refreshed, being full of energy? This file will lead you into an exercise that will take you into a deep and relaxed sleep. The best place to listen will be your bed. Please note ! while listening to this recording, you should not drive a car or operate any machinery. , Make sure you are not going to be disturbed.

Our price: $14.95 (€13.75)
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