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anxiety control

Anxiety control.

As a result of this file, you will no longer suffer from any anxiety. You will be in control of yourself, at all times.

Our price: $19.95 (€18.35)
High blood pressure

High blood pressure. You want your blood pressure coming back to normal. Feeling stress free, and healthier. You will be in control of your body. A healthy mind in a healthy body. Listen to this file. You will feel calm and relaxed. And as a result, your blood pressure lowers.

The duration of this file is 20:41 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects

Our price: $12.95 (€11.91)

Overcome Insomnia. You are suffering from insomnia ? You want to get a full nights sleep? awaken in the morning, feeling completely refreshed, being full of energy? This file will lead you into an exercise that will take you into a deep and relaxed sleep. The best place to listen will be your bed. Please note ! while listening to this recording, you should not drive a car or operate any machinery. , Make sure you are not going to be disturbed.

Our price: $14.95 (€13.75)
Loose weight-Feel healthy

Lose all the weight you desire, attain your goal weight.

You will feel healthier, become more confident and at the same time more successful.

You will no longer have the urge to overeat,  to snack between meals.
You will eat more healthy, well-balanced meals and drink more water.


This file is 42:17 minutes long and includes brainwaves and soft background music.

Our price: $19.95 (€18.35)
Move On

Jogging music with 145 beats, with sublime success and motivation messeges.

This will help you to loose weight and do more sports with a lot of fun.


this track is 6:15 min long and comes with sublime messeges

Our price: $6.00 (€5.52)
No more fear no more pain

All the colors of your rainbow combined will give you a new healthy way of life.

Whenever you are feeling out of sorts, due to any pain symptoms, just think of this rainbow.

It will heal you. Give you a quality of life, that is worth

living. Picture this rainbow in your mind. You will be able to recall it as needed.

It will always be in your mind. This glowing warmth of colors, that energize and heal.

Our price: $19.95 (€18.35)
reclaim health

Reclaim your health. Feel  the light, pushing  darkness out of your body. Darkness  filled with fear, sickness, and negativity.

Replacing it with positive energy.

The duration of this file is 20:39 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects.

Our price: $11.90 (€10.95)
stop smoking

You have decided to quit smoking. You decided to become a nonsmoker. Listen to this file, start your new life as a nonsmoker, and never smoke again.


Our price: $19.95 (€18.35)
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