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Relax, meditate and let go at your convenience. Listen to the soothing sound of My voice, experience the subtle mind altering states of a totally relaxing experience, and allow yourself to simply melt and wash away all the negativity of the day. If you are looking for some help to achieve your aims, maybe you want to loose weight, stop smoking or you want to become more sucessful in your business, you are definately on the right Website.


Self hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool to improve your life. It is important that you try out my style of hypnosis by listening to my free files. If you feel comfortable with my voice and my wording, the files on trance2success will help you to get the most out of any self hypnosis MP3 you choose to listen to.

When you start listening to our self hypnosis MP3s, try to imagine the images and sensations described until you begin to feel relaxed. If you think it is hard to imagine anything described just start to pretend you can. After some practice imagery will come to you. As soon as you feel deeply relaxed, just let your mind drift and wander—even if you are thinking about something unrelated to the hypnosis session. It doesn´t matter because your subconscious mind will listen all the time. Allowing your mind to drift and wander will help you to achieve deeper levels of hypnosis.

Also there is no need to worry about falling asleep. Just let go, even if it feels like you are going to sleep, you are just going deeper into hypnosis. This is a perfectly natural effect of the relaxing suggestions in the self hypnosis MP3s. Even if you do fall asleep during a session, the hypnosis MP3s will still work and your subconscious mind will listen all the time.

Whatever level of hypnosis you achieve, your subconscious will be able to accept any helpful suggestions, but only those you truly want. If you want to drift deeper during a session, you can simply say silently to yourself: “I am deeply relaxed, I drift down deep into a nice calm trance.”


The sensations you will experience vary from person to person. Self help hypnosis produces varying sensations in your body. Also you will experience unique levels of empowerment and relaxation. Whenever you drift into hypnosis, it will be different. Here are some examples:

  1. you may feel heavy and warm
  2. deep relaxation
  3. an increased awareness of your heartbeat
  4. some tingeling sensations in your hands and feet
  5. an increased awareness of your full body
  6. your senses may become more sensitive
  7. a feeling of well-being
  8. an increased awareness of your breathing

While listening to our self hypnosis MP3s you may also notice your eye lids fluttering or your eyes rolling under your closed eye-lids. Some people notice that their head sometimes rocks from side to side or moves slightly forward. All these common signs let you know that the hypnosis is working.

While you go deeper into hypnosis you may notice that your mind wanders and time distortion frequently occurs. You may not experience all these sensations, but it is likely that you will experience a few of them and you are likely to notice different sensations each time you listen to the same self hypnosis MP3.


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