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Appointments on time


Comming late to an appointment is a bad behavior. Comming late means you waste the time of people waiting for you. Maybe you think you are to busy to take care your time schedule but people will think you are not professional. 
Listening to this hypnosis file will help you to give importance to all your appointments. You will be professional in your thinking and arrive early. By doing so, others will see you as the professional you want to be. They will see you as a successful, courteous person.
33 minutes of deep, relaxing trance, brainwaves and soft background music.

Our price: $12.95 (€11.91)
Assertiveness training

You are a natural born leader, and people love to follow you, people love to be around you, and they love to hear your ideas. you are the one, the one who can take control, you are a leader, and the people you guide, will trust you, they can trust you, because you will always be fair.

Our price: $19.00 (€17.48)
be dominant - be successful

Become the person to be respected, and obeyed. Discover this dominant person that lives inside you. A strong personality and a strong will.

You are the authority! The person to be respected, obeyed, and served.

Take it out to the surface!

People will feel, and people will see. Women will feel, and love you for it.

You want this master that lives inside you, that authority, that lives in you to come out.

The duration of this file is 43:38 min. It includes soft backround music, sound effects and brainwaves.

Our price: $39.95 (€36.75)
Interacting with others

Interacting with others. Control your anxiety to interact with other people. You want to start being more sociable with people. You will make a lot of friends that will be able to help you later in life. The more people you know, the more successful you`ll become. Begin now making more friends.

The duration of this file is 19:31 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects.

Our price: $9.90 (€9.11)
New people new opportunities

New people new opportunities Fear of people will disappear. Your anxiety will disappear. New people bring new opportunities to meet more people, Have more friends, Meet more business contacts, Bring success into your live. The possibilities are limitless.

The duration of this file is 21:21 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects.

Our price: $9.95 (€9.15)
public speaking

Public speaking. You want to be an effective and successful public speaker. Be able to deliver the information you wish to communicate. Your audience will love your clear and interesting way to show your Information. Listening to you will become a very enjoyable experience for others.

The duration of this file is 22:00 minutes. It includes brainwaves, soft background music and sound effects

Our price: $12.95 (€11.91)
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