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Appointments on time


Comming late to an appointment is a bad behavior. Comming late means you waste the time of people waiting for you. Maybe you think you are to busy to take care your time schedule but people will think you are not professional. 
Listening to this hypnosis file will help you to give importance to all your appointments. You will be professional in your thinking and arrive early. By doing so, others will see you as the professional you want to be. They will see you as a successful, courteous person.
33 minutes of deep, relaxing trance, brainwaves and soft background music.

Our price: $12.95 (€11.91)
stop it free yourself

It is an issue for some time now. But you are ready to address it. You know, all you need to do is to stop this.

To stop gambling. Look your problem in the eye, and cope with it. A stupid activity for stupid people.

Do not waist money and lifetime playing games, and make other people rich. This is you, face it!

But now you are going to change this. Take it as a game. A good game! A game you win.

Stop gambling! Free yourself!

The duration of this file is 41:55 min. It includes soft backround music, sound effects and brainwaves.

Our price: $34.95 (€32.15)
stop smoking

You have decided to quit smoking. You decided to become a nonsmoker. Listen to this file, start your new life as a nonsmoker, and never smoke again.


Our price: $19.95 (€18.35)
think positive

We all have our own ways of processing events that occur in our live.You chose to be a positive influence in the life of everyone you meet. A positive influence to yourself . Think positive, become successful.


Our price: $9.90 (€9.11)
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